January 2022 - Emotions

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Apathy: n. lack of feeling or emotion; lack of interest or concern

As we move into week three of our emotions series, I want to address the emotion of apathy. I think that we all experience this at sometime or another in our lives - at varying degrees. Maybe it is as simple as having no interest in a project or as severe as losing that spark for life.

When it comes to our emotions, essential oils are not a cure all. **Side note: Because our emotions are created by God, we must take a step back and see what is going on in our life that is causing these negative emotions and then give that over to the Almighty God who loves us.** Essential oils can be a wonderful support as we navigate these emotional waters.

One blend that I use daily is Motivate. The smell is uplifting (citrusy and herbal) and gives me that kick in the pants that I sometimes need during the day. It sits on my desk in the Touch roller form and I apply it to my wrists, heart, and throat as needed.

Some other oils that can help us go from apathetic to motivated are:

- lemongrass (the oil of cleansing)

- vetiver (the oil of centering)

- lime (the oil of a zest for life)

- Zendocrine (the oil of vitality)

- blue tansy (the oil of inspired action) 

Grab one of the oils above and have a motivated day!


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