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Back to School - August 2021

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Today's post is all about the seven oils that are a part of the Kid’s Oil Collection. I am so grateful to dōTERRA for creating this line because they literally thought of EVERYTHING. Eventhough this collection is labeled for kids, it contains some of my favorite blends to use for teens and adults as well. Each blend is a "twin" to one of doTERRA's original blends.

Let's dive in...

Steady is ideal for daily centering as well as for times when feelings of anxiousness creep in (think before a test or before a performance). Rubbing Steady on the neck and wrists will calm and comfort emotions so be sure to send this with your child when they are in need of a little steadying. Think of this as an altenative to Balance Grounding Blend.

Tamer Digestive Blend is one of my personal favorites from the kid’s collection! (If you are not in love with the smell of DigestZen, this blend is for YOU.)

This blend is essential to have for times of tummy distress. Maybe something from lunch didn't agree with your child or there is stomach flu going around school or they are nervous about something. Whatever the case may be, I highly recommend having one of these in your child’s backpack for any digestion issues.

Thinker Focus Blend - What a perfect blend for this back-to-school series! Whether your child is focusing on a quiz or test, starting their homework, or studying, they will definitely see a benefit from using this blend specifically formulated for focus.

You may want to grab one of these for yourself if you are anything like me and get distracted from task to task! This is the alternative to InTune Focus Blend.


The Restful Blend.

The naptime blend.

The bedtime routine blend.

The middle-of-the-mall-meltdown blend.

You name it, Calmer is there to help you help your child wind down and relax. Roll on wrists to melt away stress, or roll on the bottoms of the feet to prepare for bedtime.

Think of Calmer as Serenity's twin.

Kids are active. From sun up to sun down they are going a mile a minute!

Rescuer Soothing Blend is there for your family after all of the running, jumping, and playing is all done. Rub Rescuer onto legs, feet, and back to soothe a little one’s active, growing body. This is a milder alternative to Deep Blue.

I immediately fell in love with Brave Courage Blend the very first time I smelled it. Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, but I just love the idea behind having a crutch in a tough time.

Roll Brave on before a new or different situation to ease yourself or your child into a more comfortable atmosphere.

Think of Brave as Motivate's alternative.

Last but most definitely not least in rounding out the 7 blends from the Kid’s Oil Collection is Stronger Protective Blend. This is a mild alternative to OnGuard Protective Blend.

Talking about supporting our immunity is never something that we can discuss too much or have too many tools for!

Stronger is a gentle powerhouse blend that has an uplifting aroma that rejuvenates and evokes feelings of wellness. I love to rotate Stronger with my other immune-supporting oils/blends.

Bonus: it is a great blend for skin so keep on hand for occasional skin irritations.

Which of these seven blends will you be trying first? And if you already have these, which is your favorite? I'd love to know! Share with me in the comments below.

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