Evolve Convention + New Products!

September 2021 - Evolve Convention + New Products!

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BIG things are happening in September 🤩🎉! Are you planning on watching Convention this year? If you do not have your virtual ticket yet, hop on over to https://www.doterra.com/convention and grab yours for only $29 with the code: EVOLVE60! You can't beat that price for access to the swag Marketplace shop, first to see the new product releases, and all of the awesome oil education you will receive.

Are you ready to be showered with new products on the 9th? While all the new products remain a mystery to me, I have seen the reactions of a small group that got a sneak peek. There was squealing and comments about how doTERRA has “been listening” to our requests. So, let’s get excited!

Stick around this month because I’ll cover the benefits and science behind each new product in detail.

Drop your wish list items in the comments below. 

This year's keynote speaker is the founder of the Spanx enterprise, Sara Blakely. Don't miss out on her words of encouragement and wisdom as she shares her journey.

Comment below if you will be watching with me this year. I can not wait to see all that doTERRA has in store for us!

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