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September 2021 - New Products

· convention 2021

“Trust is built with consistency.” - Lincoln Chafee

This applies to essential oils too! Recently, doTERRA's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Osguthorpe, shared groundbreaking research that demonstrates doTERRA deserves our trust. See it with your own eyes here:

If you’re an oil skeptic or know one, check out the research. It’s refreshing to see the numbers back up what my gut has been telling me for years.

Receiving the Pharmaceutical Grade designation is a journey that doTERRA has embarked on - starting with lavender essential oil, and will continue until each essential oil has this designation through peer research and testing.

You can feel safe and comfortable using doTERRA essential oils in your home, knowing that you have the "gold standard" of essential oils in your possession. This comes from studies that have shown doTERRA's consistency in each and every bottle of their essential oils.

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