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January 2022 - Emotions

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As we finish up our series on emotions, I want to share how you can find both daily and occasional support with the new Mind & Mood Wellness Kits. doTERRA has created this 90 day wellness program to give us the tools needed as we navigate the sometimes choppy waters that we know as our emotions.

To receive your Mind & Mood Wellness Kits, simply add kit #1 to your Loyalty Rewards order for $75.00 wholesale. Then the next two kits ($75.00 each) will automatically come to you during the next two months when your Loyalty Rewards Orders are placed.

Along with your wellness kits, you will receive information on how to maximize the use each kit.

*This 90 day wellness program can be cancelled at any time by removing the kit from your Loyalty Rewards Order.

If you are serious about supporting your emotions, this is the perfect place to begin! Let's take a tour of all three kits (along with some diffuser and rollerball recipes) below...


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