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September 2021 - New Products

· convention 2021

Yesterday, doTERRA released 12 new products which include a new home cleaning line - abode! All of these products - including 5 kit only exclusives - are available to you now!

How to order:

- Wholesale Customers: go to your shopping portal and order up to 2 convention kits per account.

- Non Wholesale Customers: contact me to grab your new products convention kit along with a FREE 1 year wholesale customer account. This will give you 25% off of anything you order over the next 12 months with no minimums, no requirements, and no automatic renewal. Your purchasing is 100% in your control! When you get a wholesale customer account with me, you will also receive access to my members only content and my essential oil education. With over a decade of experience with the most tested, most trusted, purest essential oils on the market, I will be your best friend when it comes to learning how to use these amazing drops of goodness!

Alright...let's jump into each of these new products. Buckle your seatbelt because you are in for a ride!

1. Tulsi (holy basil) - 5mL

2. Madagascar Vanilla - 5mL

3. Copaiba Touch - 10mL

4. abode Refreshing Blend - 15mL

5. OnGuard+ Chewable Tablets

6. Deep Blue Stick

The last 6 new products are part of the brand new abode Home Cleaning line! This line of products contains the abode blend which has been researched against 5 common household bacteria and mold. Results have found that these 5 do no replicate in the presence of the abode blend! You can feel confident that you are creating a safe and clean home for you and your family when you use the abode home cleaning line.

7. abode Surface Cleaner Concentrate

8. abode Liquid Dish Soap

9. abode Dishwaher Pods

10. abode Laundry Pods

11. abode Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate

12. abode Hand Lotion

In addition to this great line up, you will receive these 4 kit exclusive products!

1. Body Carrier Oil Blend

2. Sensitive Skin Carrier Oil Blend

3. Osmanthus Touch - 10mL

4. Hygge Cozy Blend - 15mL

To top it all off, make sure to add on the abode glass bottle set for all of your new abode cleaning products.

Which of these new products are you most excited to try first? Tell me in the comments below!

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