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Back to School - August 2021

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If you have been around for a while now, you know that I love to preach about how proper supplementation is the key to your health! That goes for the littles ones as well.

dōTERRA has an a2z Chewable multivitamin with a natural Watermelon flavor developed to ensure that children are receiving all of the vitamins and minerals they need to grow big and strong!

IQ Mega is another important supplement for kids that contains omega-3s as well as essential nutrients DHA and EPA. These essential fatty acids are required for many key functions in the body including cell growth, immunity, brain development, muscle activity, and joint health.

Pro Tip #1: When taking oils internally, I love to top the veggie capsule off with IQ Mega to give them a carrier as they move through the body, and supply extra omegas that are so crucial to developing bodies.

Pro Tip #2: If you are an adult who has difficulty swallowing capsules, take a2z Chewables instead!

Ah, the best part of the school day: lunchtime. What’s in their lunchbox?

Well if you are a dōTERRA parent, then there is probably a PB Assist Jr. sachet in your child’s lunchbox. If not, then there should be! Your kids will love to take this Probiotic powder that tastes like a pixie stick without the junky ingredients.

PB Assist Jr. includes 5 billion live cells of a blend of 6 different probiotic strains that were specifically chosen for their benefits among children. With a natural Strawberry Melon flavor, you can bet your child will love to take it and you can feel good about all of the numerous benefits of maintaining a healthy GI tract in your little one.

Pro Tip: If your little one doesn’t like to shoot it down the hatch, mix with 4 oz of water, juice or beverage of choice or in yogurt, smoothies or breakfast cereal.

Hands down, (pun intended!) the On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist as well as the On Guard Hand Sanitizing Wipes are probably two of my most favorite and most used dōTERRA products of all time! They are both ideal for on the go situations, so throw one of each in your child’s backpack and they are all set!

The sanitizing mist can be spritzed on hands to keep them clean and the wipes can be used when soap and water are not available and (BONUS!) are biodegradable.

Did you know these 2 products will kill 99% of germs? With everything kids seem to bring home with them, that is a statistic I can get behind.

There are so many great dōTERRA products that we can stock up on at this time of year and in my opinion, the Breathe Respiratory Drops are a must-have for sure. The Breathe drops are infused with select oils from the popular blend Breathe, and they provide quick relief and cooling benefits to help maintain easy breathing.

For your older kiddos, pop a few drops in their backpack and they can use them to support mental clarity as well! Advise them to pop one during a quiz or test and they will be breathing easy and thinking clearly in no time.

Staying healthy is a goal that we all want to achieve during the school year. Sometimes it seems impossible, but we have some of the best tools on hand to help us and our little ones.

I recommend making this up and swiping the bottoms of everyone’s feet at least once per day as a preventative. You can use it more frequently if symptoms of illness creep in.

In a 10 mL roller combine:

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Lemon

10 drops OnGuard

5 drops Oregano

10 drops Tea Tree

Top with a carrier oil, and apply down the spine morning and night.

*Dilute further for smaller children*

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