Stress and Anxiety

January 2022 - Emotions

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The first emotion that we will talk about this month is probably one of the most common in our world today - anxiety/stress. While there are many oils that you can use (magnolia, neroli, Serenity, Console, lavender, marjoram, frankincense, wild orange, and more), the two that I always reach for are copaiba and Adaptive.

1. Take 2 Adaptive capsules and 2 Copaiba capsules with water

2. Apply Adaptive and Copaiba over the heart, wrists, and bottoms of the feet

3. Put a drop of each in the hands and inhale deeply while relaxing the body from head to toe

4. Diffuse Adaptive at your workspace and in your home throughout the day. Try adding your favorite citrus to brighten the blend.

5. Take an Adaptive and Copaiba epsom salt bath at the end of the day



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